“All countries need to review their strategies now.” – Dr. Michael J. Ryan,
WHO Information Advisory Group member

The panic that ensued on Monday morning across companies in South Africa seems to have dissipated a bit as we come to terms with COVID-19. There is a huge amount of information and advice regarding the virus on how to detect or control it throughout social media and web sites.


We, at Collier, are more concerned about the operational health of your company and staff in this crisis. 


Does your company have an action plan and policy in place to protect yourself and your staff?  Do you have guidelines in the event of staff working from home or taking excessive sick leave? Will your company survive this crisis from a Human perspective?


Collier can assist by putting together a comprehensive policy that is in line with your needs and relevant legislation.  This will ensure that staff understand the policy put in place and abide by procedures going forward.  As the disease evolves, so too can your policy.


“For People Who Count”